Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for all YUHO SPORTS items and online store products:


. Online products

All articles on the YUHO SPORTS website are subject to availability. We will order any products not in stock the day after the customer’s order.


. Shipping

The online sales are reserved for customers who are able to pick up the order directly from our store located in North Vancouver, BC. Yuho Sports doesn’t ship any product. Local pick up is the only way to have an accepted order and the customer has 7 days after reception to pick up the order.


. Pricing

The prices showed on the catalog are in Canadian dollars without any taxes. The amounts of taxes are added when the customer purchases an order. All bike parts and safety protections are taxable with a reduced rate (GST Only). All other products (shoes, gloves, jersey, shorts) are taxable with the standard rates (GST + PST).


. Orders

In order to purchase items from the website ( the customer must follow the process below:

– Choice of articles and adding on the cart

– Proceeding to checkout

– Follow the instructions and adding the billing details

– Payment method

– Placing the order


After these steps, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of the order. At any time the customer may contact YUHO SPORTS via for any questions or concerns about the order.

If YUHO SPORTS doesn’t product in stock when the customer has placed the order, one of our staff member will contact the distributor to know if they have this item in stock. If yes, YUHO SPORTS might give a call to the customer to let him know about availability and process the order. Read “Cancelation” for the other case.

YUHO SPORTS reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders from existing customers if there are payment issues from previous orders. It is the customer’s responsibility to know the pricing and conditions before placing an order.

The customer will receive an email when the order is ready to pick up.


. Payment

For the settlement of the order, the customer can use different types of payment:

– EMail Money Transfer

– PayPal

– Pay in Store

The order is processing when YUHO SPORTS receive the order from the online store. The customer has 7 days to settle from the day of the order placement.


. Cancelation

After placing the order, the customer commits to pick up the order from the local store and pay in store if the customer selected the option “Pay In Store”.
If for any reason, the customer wants to cancel the order after YUHO SPORTS received the order or sent the order from the right distributor, YUHO SPORTS reserves the right to refuse a refund and may issue a store credit. If YUHO SPORTS judges that the cancelation demand is not legitimate, we may refuse it and find another solution directly with the customer.

Because of limited stock from our distributors, YUHO SPORTS is not responsible for any products out of stock. If after the payment we certify that the distributor doesn’t have the product in stock for any reason, YUHO SPORTS will provide a 100% money refund.



YUHO SPORTS give you the chance to get all the products from the biggest brands on the market. The pricing online on the items is the pricing the customer is going to pay. No additional fees, taxes or shipping will be added on the final price. If a dispute comes out for any reason, YUHO SPORTS offers you an 100% refund. Learn more on the rubric “Cancelation”.